Bonus Points to Skype!

Those of you who are geeks like me know about sed. You know it can be used to search/replace text from the command line. Well several geeks like me like to use it when we make typos in chats and IMs. Like for example, I’ll be typing.


OOPS! I misspelled “Hello”. DOH! Normally I would just type the sed command as an indication of correcting my typo.


And it would show up in my chat window as:


So other geeks like me will know what I’m talking about and you non-geeks will be quite befuddled. Nevertheless it’s cool. But my shocking discovery came today when I was using Skype. I made a typo (as I am wont to do) and so I went to correct it…. But instead of showing my sed command, skype actually edited my typo! It interpreted the sed command!

Needless to say I was thoroughly impressed!


One thought on “Bonus Points to Skype!

  1. PS. I made this discovery using the Linux version of Skype. I don’t know about the Windows version. It may only work in Linux since I’m fairly certain that sed is non existent in Windows. Needless to say, HA-HA on you Windows users.

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