Linux Learning Curve

I had a minor realization today. I figured out why transitioning from Windows to Linux isn’t very smooth. I know we’ve all heard the pat answer: “Linux isn’t Windows. Get over it.” But there was always a stick in my mind about why. Now this begs the question: “Why should Linux be like Windows?” Aside from a possible desire to make conversion from Windows easier, there really isn’t a reason. But I was still curious.

Then it hit me. I’ve been using Linux for a while now and just realized today that I’ve hardly ever touched Vista (thank God), and still haven’t seen Windows 7. I’ve been out of the Windows world long enough that I’m not sure what the latest greatest and most user friendly features are. So even if I were a major contributor to a distro and wanted to make it my goal to improve transition from Windows, I wouldn’t know where to start.

So for everyone who’s tried Linux out and said “Why doesn’t Linux do x like Windows”, I’ve got news for you: We have no idea what you’re talking about!


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