Ubuntu Was My Idea.

I’m getting real sick of the “Windows 7 was my idea” commercials. No, this is not just my standard hatred for everything Microsoft. Yes, I get the point they’re trying to convey. But it’s the delivery, man. There are two points against their add campaigns.

#1 – The “flashbacks” are usually stupid…. “I had an idea… My PC should be simpler (or safer)”…. like they just woke up one day and realized that… “Hey look at me, I’m jogging and I just got this awesome idea that my PC should be safer! I didn’t think that a hundred thousand times when I spent hours and hours and hundreds of dollars on useless security and virus software the last time a trojan took out my entire system. Boy am I glad I took that run. Look at how smart I am!”

#2 – Most of the stuff they talk about is not new tech! Like the Aussie girl in the taxi cab. She’s excited because her task bar lets her see what’s open…. WHAAAAT??? Wasn’t that like a Windows 95 introduction? That was 15 years ago…. And with Expo and Scale, I have so many better ways of doing that on my system….

Why did Microsoft think this was a good idea? Oh, yeah… because they have the same ad company that did “I’m a PC and I’m a human being”. blegh! I’m a Penguin, and Shooting Bill Gates was My Idea..


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