Windows 7 Review

I’m now forced to use Windows 7 for security reasons at work, which sounds dumb, but it’s in the name of being uniform across the org so that they only have to focus on one plan of action for security. I guess it makes sense. Anyway, so I’ve been using it for a few days and I now have a review.

User interface is alright. Many of the UI elements look real nice but aren’t practical. Aero is ok, but I prefer the skins I can get with Ubuntu way more…. I also very much miss Compiz.

Launchy makes not having Gnome Do bearable. Not perfect, but a usable substitute. Edit: I actually have found that I don’t use Launchy anymore. The search bar in the start menu is powerful enough to serve the same purpose.

There is no alternative to Guake that I’ve found so far….

Some of the enhancements to Windows Explorer are pretty useful.

But here’s what my analysis boils down to. They have not done anything to fix the most annoying feature about Windows. Here it is:

Me: Hey Windows, can I pull out my USB drive?
Windows: Nope
Me: Um… no, really…. I need to pull it out
Windows: No
Me: Why?
Windows: You can’t
Me: Why?
Windows: It’s in use.
Me: Um, no it’s not.
Windows: Yes it is
Me: No…. it’s really not….
Windows: Yes it is
Me: By whom?
Windows: … Somebody….
* Me shuts down the computer to remove USB drive


Me: Windows, I need to move this file (or delete it).
Windows: Sorry
Me: Why?
Windows: It’s in use.
Me: No it’s not
Windows: Yes it is.
* Me smashes his hand through the wall in aggravation.

You’d think after all these years Winblows would have done something about these problems…. Windows 7 is no better than the previous versions of Windows.


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