My name is Mike Lewis. I’ve been happily married to my wife, Amanda for going on 9 years. We have three children with a fourth on the way. My interests are widely diverse, including my faith in God, my family, my work as a Drupal developer, and all of the myriad of hobbies that my sometimes ADHD mind latches onto.

This site serves primarily as my personal scratchpad on which I attempt to wrestle through whatever Theological or Philosophical issues happen to be stuck in my head. You’re likely to find posts on many subjects related to worshiping God and handling the challenges we face as a result of living in a fallen world surrounded by sinners and false teachers. Common themes are worship, justice, morality, character, and of course politics. Politics is a bit of a hobby horse for me at the time of my updating this because I have been compelled by God’s Word to rethink the established political order.

My Faith

You are welcome to call me a Reformed Baptist. I despised the label Baptist for a long time, because there is such a large segment of the Baptist denomination that represents everything that I think is wrong in with the church in this country, but the more I examined the church in this country, the more I came to realize that this problem is not endemic to the Baptist church, nor are their problems the only ones arrayed against us, nor am I really all that much of a paragon of righteousness and piety myself, so who am I to judge? So it dawned on me to see past the baggage and evaluate things on the merits of the case, and when I discovered the Reformed branch of the denomination, and came to fully appreciate what that really means, I knew I had found my home.

I hold to the 1689 London Baptist Confession. I affirm with my whole heart the Five Solas of the Reformation. Salvation is by Grace Alone, through Faith Alone, in Christ Alone. It is given for The Glory of God Alone and the sole voice of God’s authority on Earth is the Bible Alone. I further affirm the Doctrines of Grace, also known as the Five Points of Calvinism, which describe the wonderful reality of God’s complete sovereignty in securing the salvation of his people.

My Party

You are welcome to call me a Libertarian, though I don’t exactly belong to any particular political party. Over the last few years I have become more of an anarchist, and believe the whole politics thing to be a charade. I still vote if I can cast my lot with a liberty minded candidate, but I think the whole system is inherently flawed.

My political views boil down to opposing any sort of double standard that the government claims for itself in which it acts as though it is above the law and has permission to commit violence in ways that would not be permissible for others. I also recognize that, whatever their goals, government’s only tool is violence, and therefore everything it does should be brought into question as to whether it is a legitimate use of force. The only two legitimate uses of force are self-defense, and punishment of those who commit unlawful violence.

I long held that, in order to ensure due process, uphold the rights of the accused, and to apply a consistent standard, a minarchy was necessary to monopolize the service of law and justice. But in recent months, and in light of recent events, it has become perfectly clear to me that government does not protect the rights of the accused or use due process any more, and that this is because they have no incentive to. Even if they weren’t wasting their time going after things like drugs, they would still have no incentive to hold themselves accountable to any sort of standard, because they are a monopoly.

So I have fully embraced market anarchy in the industry of criminal justice and conflict resolution. Just as in every other industry, the way to maximize service to the customer (both the victim who needs justice, and the accused who needs due process are customers), is the free market.

It took me a while to come around to this position. I had to settle in my mind whether this violated Romans 13, but I realized that Romans 13 leaves plenty of room for society to be ordered in this way, and that Romans 13 actually includes prescriptions for government activity to be limited to avenging wrongdoing. Well if a non-taxpayer really isn’t a criminal who deserves vengeance to be carried out on him (no victim), then it’s not legitimate for the State to tax him. I need to write a stand alone post on this at some point.

When I say that I am an anarchist, I believe that all human authority is derived from property rights. God is the creator, master, and owner of all things. He sets stewards over various spheres of sovereignty. Over the individual, he has set the individual himself. A steward acts with his master’s authority as owner of the thing stewarded until the master returns to lay claim to it and reward or punish the steward. Thus the individual has authority over himself and his property, and no-one may justly claim authority over those except that the individual grant it voluntarily. There is no Biblical writ for there to be a ruling class called the State that is above portions of God’s moral law and allowed to carry out theft, murder and kidnapping in order to impose its will on others.

When it comes to politics, I believe that the Non-Aggression Principle is the key moral principle, because that’s what government is:

no man or group of men may aggress against the person or property of anyone else. This may be called the ‘nonaggression axiom.’ ‘Aggression’ is defined as the initiation of the use or threat of physical violence against the person or property of anyone else. Aggression is therefore synonymous with invasion.”

I have been influenced by the following sources:


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