Why Linux is Better

Ever hear people bashing Linux about hardware support? Ever stop to think about what this really means?

Why is hardware not as “well” supported in Linux? Several reasons come to mind, but the biggest one is that there aren’t enough Linux users yet to make it economically wise to support Linux. There wouldn’t be a return on the investment – especially seeing as how Linux users are notorious for keeping their wallets shut. It’s the same reason my company doesn’t support Opera or Safari. It’s also the same reason why, as much as we want to, we simply can’t ignore Internet Explorer. It is what it is.

However. Think about Linux for a second. Yeah, there is no guarantee your hardware is going to work. Companies don’t develop drivers for Linux. They don’t put a friendly penguin on their packaging to reassure buyers that their product will in fact work with their computer. They even go so far as to list Windows and Mac in the system requirements, apparently leaving no room for Linux. And yet, plenty of hardware does work in Linux. Why?

Because Linux is awesome!
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