Best. Dollhouse. Ep. Ever.

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So Apparently, I’m not the only one who thought last night’s episode was awesome! I agree with Mr. Seidman that with the possible exception of Epitaph One, this was definitely the best episode yet. The character development was phenomenal. From the most obvious moral chrisis DeWitt has faces so far with an order coming from Rossam (unless you count Epitaph) to her telling Topher he has no morals and his reaction, to getting a glimpse of the possibly dark past of Boyd, to pulling at the heart strings with the Victor/Sierra ‘ship. This episode simply rocked!

I hope more is to come, and I hope people start watching!

To this point in the series, I’ve had my small reservations. In fact if you had asked me on Thursday what was my favorite currently airing TV show, I would probably have said “Fringe”. But now I’m not so sure…